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While many of our competitors charge for a detailed diagnostic report, yours is FREE as a valued member of the BioGuard Community. You will receive a detailed graph of your home that illustrates your home’s pest and moisture conditions. The inspection will be completed by one of our Licensed Senior Home Inspectors. They are the best in the industry and have many years of experience and industry leading training. They will be able to point out any concerns and help you understand what you can do as a home owner to remedy the problems, and (when and where absolutely necessary) offer professional solutions that will help your largest investment (your home) last for generations to come.

This is especially important since spring is already upon us. Spring brings beautiful weather, allergies, and great opportunities for outdoor activities. It also brings two things that no one enjoys: Termite Swarmer’s and Crawlspace Moisture Issues. It is important to arm you with the information needed to identify the telltale signs of these issues and the harm that they may be causing your home.

Termite Swarmer’s

In Virginia, the most common termite is the subterranean termite. They live between the ground and inside the wood that they are eating. Because of this they are very difficult for homeowners to spot. Termites live in colonies (this means that they live and work together to gather food and raise the next generation). They return to the soil everyday through mud tubes that they build to help regulate humidity both within their bodies and the colony as a whole.

Termite Swarmer

This is an illustration of the difference between a flying ant and a termite swarmer. Notice that Flying ants have a narrow ‘waist’ and different sized wings while a termite swarmer does not.

Within these colonies there are different types of termites that are identifiable by their roles within the colony and their body shapes. One of these types of termites are winged reproductive termites commonly known as termite swarmer’s. They are reproductive termites that leave the nest to start new colonies and are most commonly seen in early to mid-spring. If you seeing these insects it is safe to say that there is a mature termite colony nearby.

Mature termite colonies take between 3-5 years to develop and by the time that they are fully mature can eat up to 28 inches of 2×4 every year. It is important that we complete your FREE Home Diagnostic Report every year to make sure that we can prevent this damage from happening.

Crawlspace Moisture Issues

Many things contribute to severe moisture issues in your crawlspace. Near sea-level elevation with flat ground and very wet springs and summers is a recipe for disaster. Increased moisture levels in a crawlspace is a welcome mat for wood destroying fungus, mold, mildew, cubicle rot, and other fungus related issues. Crawlspaces with elevated moisture levels are also more conducive to termite and other pest infestations.

This is a photo of a crawlspace that has been damaged by both increased moisture and rodent activity. The insulation absorbs the moisture and from the weight of the water begins to fall apart.

We offer services to solve the sources of the moisture levels like vapor barriers, French-drains, sump pumps, crawl space encapsulations, dehumidifiers, and temperature activated vents. We also offer services to repair and solve issues that accompany high moisture levels. These include treating the lumber for wood infesting organisms (like fungus and molds), disinfecting the crawlspace, and replacing supports that may have been damaged beyond repair.

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