Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs Facts

Box elder bugs are common in all parts of the United States. Contrary to their names, they do not limit
themselves simply to box elder trees, but will infest maple, ash, and other types of trees, as well.
In some parts of the country, box elder bugs are called stink bugs. There are actually several different
kind of stink bugs, so this isn’t the only kind. This bug doesn’t cause enough damage to be considered an
agricultural risk, but they can damage landscaping and make a terrible mess.

These beetles like to congregate in large masses. This can be annoying, and the voracity of the bugs can
damage the tissues of the plants they invade. In addition, the feces from these bugs can be a nuisance,
leaving a big mess.

In cooler weather, these bugs will move indoors or lodge themselves behind siding and in your walls.
Once the warm up inside your home, they start moving around, again. When you step on them, they
stink. Most people want a box elder infestation contained because they make such a mess, they come
indoors, and they smell bad when they are crushed.

Box elder bugs become a nuisance in and around homes starting in the fall, continuing through early
spring. This bug is about 1/2 inch long as an adult, black with three red lines on the thorax (the part just
behind the head), a red line along each side, and a diagonal red line on each wing. The immature forms
are smaller and are easily distinguished from the adults by their red abdomens and lack of wings.

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