Centipede Facts

Pest control companies in Virginia Beach stay busy stopping centipedes year round. Quite often, people
don’t realize that they have centipedes on their property or in their house until they get bitten. This is
due to the fact that these are nocturnal creatures. They have pincers that will puncture the skin,
allowing the centipede to inject its venom. Their venom is used to attack prey and for defense against
predators. Two pathogens found in centipede venom are 5-hydroxytryptamine and cytolisins, which can
break down cell walls. These are present in many centipede species found in the U.S.

The bite of a centipede is quite painful, and the site will swell and turn red. In addition to local
discomfort, the person or pet may experience severe pain. Larger centipedes produce a more painful
bite, and inject more venom than the small ones inject. In addition, the lymph glands nearest the bite
location may swell and get painful. The person may develop a headache and experience heart
palpitation, or find that they have a racing pulse. It can also cause nausea. The bite wound itself can be
prone to ulceration, even resulting in necrosis. If the victim is allergic to the bites, reactions are even

Centipedes are fast moving, agile, nocturnal animals. They are rarely seen by humans due to their
nocturnal activity and the speed with which they move. Centipedes can live as long as six years,
provided that they are able to escape from predators and that their surroundings are conducive to

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