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Chesapeake has something for everybody. With nearly a quarter of a million people, there is plenty to
do, and with all of the water and forest, there is abundant nature to enjoy. This combination of
population and nature, however, does create a need for Chesapeake pest control services. Wherever
people live in large numbers, you are going to have certain infestation of pests that thrive in the same
shelter and eat the same food as people. And, wherever you have abundant water and nature, you’re
going to have parasites that live off of wildlife and pose a threat to humans.

BioGuard is a pest control company in Chesapeake that specializes in both types of pest control – both
those that originate in populated areas and those that come in from outside. For example, mice and rats can infest your attic or basement, or make
nests in the walls of your home or business. These rodents reproduce in your home,
and deposit feces and urine wherever they go. They also carry fleas, ticks, mites, and internal parasites
that can become a health problem.

Then you have the other insects, such as spiders, ants, earwigs, and cockroaches. All of these bring
bacteria into your home and office, spreading germs everywhere they go.
BioGuard pest control technicians will fill out our Inspection Scorecard, on which we document each type
of pest we find on your property, both inside and out. We will identify the entry points and document
treatments and treatment plans.

BioGuard pest control uses eco-friendly treatments whenever possible. Call today for your inspection and to claim
your discount, we are you local pest control solution.


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Some pests can prove to be quite stubborn. If this happens to you, simply give us a call. We will gladly return for free until we resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

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