Commercial Pest Control Services

We are a value driven commercial pest control solution for your property and your business operation.

  • We offer a free quote on our initial inspection.
  • We work outside of your operational hours, to avoid impacting your operation.
  • Our Basic Service covers more pests than anyone else.
  • We only use the best, environmentally friendly product.
  • We offer one of the only completely Green Services.
  • We offer a full guarantee on our services.

Commercial Inspection Report

Commercial Inspection Report

During your initial treatment, our trained pest control technician will perform a full inspection of your Virginia Beach property and identify specific treatment needs on the Inspection Scorecard. We will identify potential nesting sites, harborage areas and entry points in and around your home. Upon each returning visit your technician will continue to monitor your home and adapt our treatments to the changing seasons and movements of pests.


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Barrier Guard Exterior Service

Insects enter the home from the outside. With BioGuard’s specialized Barrier Guard treatment, your home and office will be protected from invading insects.Your pest control technician will treat the foundation, immediate yard, and other entry points around your home and business. We will also granulate flower beds with moisture activated crystals to discourage pests from nesting in these high moisture, high vegetation areas.

Barrier Guard Exterior Service
Interior and Exterior Rodent Control

Interior/Exterior Rodent Control

We identify the type of rodent, their nests and the most efficient extermination process that leaves no impact on your business. We will coordinate with your team to create a custom plan to monitor and minimize any future or potential pest incursions. Whether its mice, rats, or any rodents, BioGuard has the strongest rodent solutions for your business locally and nationally.

Pin Point Interior Service

Pests live and breed in areas that are difficult to see or reach, like cracks, crevices and even behind walls. In fact, the majority of pests live completely out of view of the homeowner. Your BioGuard Technician carries the most complete arsenal of tools at his disposal and is trained to protect your home and eradicate these pests from their hiding places in the most efficient and responsible manner.

Pin Point Interior Service