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With a population of nearly 140,000, Hampton Virginia is one of the 7 cities that make up the metro
area of Hampton Roads. Hampton has a history reaching back over 400 years, with historic significance
living alongside a modern city. With all of the activity associated with city life surrounded by ample
water and forest, it is easy to overlook tiny, insignificant creatures that spread disease and destroy
property. But, that is exactly what pests are. Spiders, ants, mice, ticks, and many other pests spread
disease everywhere they go, and can reach infestation levels before you even know they are present.
This is what keeps pest control professionals in Hampton busy.

BioGuard Pest Control provides eco-friendly treatments for all kinds of pests, from insects to small rodents. Our
technicians will fill out our proprietary Inspection Scorecard to record each type of pest you have in your
home or business. Then we’ll outline treatment options that are as safe for the environment as possible.
Our technician will note any entry points and inspect potential nesting sites, as well, so that these areas
can be monitored for further activity.

Don’t allow pests to reach infestation proportions. Mice do more than chew things up and leave feces
and urine everywhere. They, and other small rodents like bats, have fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites.
None of this is good for your children, pets, or employees.

Call BioGuard Pest Control today for an inspection and treatment plan, and to claim your discount for services.


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Some pests can prove to be quite stubborn. If this happens to you, simply give us a call. We will gladly return for free until we resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

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Our service is backed by the best guarantee in the business. If we do not provide a service to your level of satisfaction, we will promptly return for free until you are satisfied. If the problem persists, we will refund half your last service payment.