Residential Pest Control Services

Virginia Beach Pest ControlVirginia Beach pest control companies work hard to protect customer’s homes from many different invasive species of pests. But, only BioGuard Pest Control is an expert in offering Green Services, and we treat the widest variety of pests that might damage your home.  We are your Virginia Beach pest control experts.

Basic Service

With our Basic Pest Control Service, you receive more than the basics. We thoroughly inspect your home for the widest variety of pests, from cockroaches and ants to mice and rats. Our Basic Service provides you with a completed checklist of the evidence of different kinds of pests, and their entry points. We then provide you with treatment recommendations. Most insects can be treated at the same time. However in some cases, flea or bed bug infestations require further treatment. We will schedule treatments at your convenience.

Family Friendly Products

We are one of the few pest control companies in Virginia Beach that offers a completely Green Service. These products are family friendly, making them safe for pets and small children. Treating your home for a wide range of pests can be done in a family friendly and environmentally beneficial manner, if the exterminators know what they are doing.  BioGuard technicians are certified in green product use.

Aerial Defense

Many pest control professionals will spray the baseboards and under the sinks of your home. But BioGuard Pest Control is one of the few that offers aerial defense by way of treating your household eaves. The eaves of your home are the most popular nesting sites for most insects. Spiders spin their webs there, and wasps and hornets build their nests there. We have a green treatment that will discourage spiders from building their webs in your eaves, and we can get rid of wasps on both the first and second stories.

Garden Defense

Why treat the inside of your house, and not the breeding grounds of pests outside? BioGuard Pest Control will seek out the habitat of invasive pests and treat the garden and yard, too.


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Free Extra Services

Some pests can prove to be quite stubborn. If this happens to you, simply give us a call. We will gladly return for free until we resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

Money Back Guarantee

Our service is backed by the best guarantee in the business. If we do not provide a service to your level of satisfaction, we will promptly return for free until you are satisfied. If the problem persists, we will refund half your last service payment.