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BioGuard Pest Control offers cutting-edge termite control in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. Termites can infest your house for years before you are aware of the problem. If you saw odd flying insects in your home during the months of May and June, don’t think they just went away. They were termites, swarming to find a new home. If you had them in your home, they are still there.


While there are some cases in which you can exterminate bugs yourself, termite control require special equipment, skills, and training. That’s where BioGuard Pest Control provides invaluable service to the residents of the Virginia Beach area.

Entry Points

Many of the entry points in your home are hard to reach, even hidden from sight. Swarming termites in the spring are only one indication of the presence of termites. Others may enter through the foundation, seams between the porch or patio and the wall, support piers, and floor joists, to name a few.

Specialized Treatment

Exterminating termites from you home requires specialized equipment. While some bugs crawl out of their hiding places and come into contact with chemical treatments, termites stay in the wood, for the most part. You may never even know they are present. BioGuard Pest Control uses specialized equipment to reach the termites in their entry points as well as in their nests. In many cases, we have to use masonry drills to gain access through brick façade and concrete porches. We fill any holes we have to make, but without this treatment, the bugs won’t die.

We may have to use several hundred gallons of pesticide to kill all of the termites. In most cases, the pesticide has to be injected into the sites. We will drill a small hole in the porch concrete, near the wall, and insert a nozzle into the hole. We then force pesticide into the soil beneath the porch and foundation, and plug the hole. This must be done all around the foundation of the house to fully kill termites.

How Does It Work?

The most common treatment for termite control is – liquid pesticide – kills termites that come in contact with it. Termites in the walls of the house ultimately die because they cannot get back to the soil, since it has been treated. The pesticide also repels termites in the ground around your house, so that you shouldn’t have a subsequent infestation. These treatments either repel or kill termites that come into contact with treated soil.

Newer termite control treatments include baiting. Baiting is done by placing a slow-acting pesticide into tubes inserted into the ground around your house. Termites eat the bait and carry it back to their nest. This kills a large number of the termites I the nest.

Some of our customers ask that we use both methods on their property. Our certified specialists will inspect your properties. If you have a number of buildings or several structures in the same area, a combined treatment may be the best solution, while liquid treatment is enough for some.


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