Termite Control

Termites cause over $1 billion worth of property damage every year, infesting about 20% of homes
nationwide. They damage more property than all fires, hurricanes and tornadoes combined. Virginia
Beach pest control companies regularly inspect structures for termites, for this very reason.

Termites work steadily, quietly and invisibly around the clock. They are drawn, first, to moist wood,
where they can remain hydrated. Worker termites are blind and never know when to quit. Many infest a
home for years before their presence becomes known. As the termite colony spreads, so does their
reach in your home.

Oddly enough, the first hint that your house has termites may be the presence of another insect – ants.
The little black “sugar ants” that we often see in the house actually thrive on termites. If you have a
steady stream of ants to one part of your house – either inside or outside – it could be that they are
dining on termites. It is important to call your pest control company immediately for an inspection and possible termite control.

It is nearly impossible to rid an entire neighborhood of termites, because the infestation stems from one
huge nest with many satellites in each home. The termites in your house may have actually come from a
colony across the street, or under the pavement in a nearby parking lot. Many exterminators set sentry
posts to carry chemicals back to the colony, but when it is contaminated, it will simply move. Usually,
the best line of defense is to protect your own property.In addition to huge, mobile colonies, termites
live a very long time. The queen of a colony may live as long as 30 years.
If you think you have termites in your home or business, call your local Virginia Beach pest control professionals!