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Williamsburg may be a town small in population, but it is big in heart. The location, close to the Hampton Roads metro area, is ideal for shopping and fun, yet surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural elements in the country. The only downside to this great dual lifestyle is pests. Pest control services in Williamsburg work hard to stay ahead of the different types of infestations that an occur in a diverse environment.

BioGuard pest control is a local Williamsburg company that is familiar with the different challenges we face with the abundance of water, woods, wildlife, and population in this area. While some parts of the country, for example, don’t have to worry too much about deer ticks, they are a common sight in Williamsburg. And, ticks carry diseases. In fact, more diseases are being discovered that are even worse than Lyme’s disease.

Spiders, ants, and mice are also abundant in this area. Call BioGuard pest control to inspect your home or business for pests. We’ll identify and document each type of pest we find, using our Inspection Scorecard. We’ll find the places where the pests are getting onto your property, and suggest a treatment plan that will control them in the most eco-friendly ways possible. Your scorecard will also outline any further recommendations to keep the infestation from reoccurring.
BioGuard pest control technicians will fill out our Inspection Scorecard, on which we document each type
of pest we find on your property, both inside and out. We will identify the entry points and document
treatments and treatment plans.

BioGuard pest control uses eco-friendly treatments whenever possible. Call today for your inspection and to claim
your discount, we are you local pest control solution.


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